Kastor Armageddon

Blind Seer of the past,present and future.


Kastor Armageddon is a Jedi Consolar, who has the unique ability to have visions that see into the past, present and future.


Seers in the time of the Jedi were rare. But Kastor showed unique potential that had been lost to the Jedi for many generations. Even as a child, Kastor Armageddon was very sensitive in the ways of the Force. After an accident that caused his blindness, the force began to guide him, and he was abke to see many visions about the past, present and futer. After going to the planet of ___ because of a ___, Jedi master____found Kastor. Once he saw the boys potential, he almost immediatly brought the seven year old boy to the Jedi to be trained.He was accepted and ___ made Kastor his padawan. Three years later, the council decided to serch for the missing planet Tython, the founding place of the force. They sent master ___ and his aprentice to serch for it. Unfortunatly, upon finding the planet, Their ship malfunctioned and crashed into the surface. ___ died in the crash, but Kastor survived, but was shipwrecked on the forgotten planet with no means of escape. Fortuanatly, he found an ancient temple, where he lived and leaned and practiced the way of the force.

Eight years later, The Dark Empress of the Sith, Darth Sinistra sent her aprentice, Darth Meveran, to search for an ancient dark relic hidden on the planet Tython. after months of searching, she managed to find the abandond planet and went to the temple. There she was confronted by Kastor, and they had a furocious battle. In the end, Kastor gained the upper hand and managed to knock the sith unconsious. He then searched through parts of her memories and emotions, and then tied her to a tree outside of the temple,and began to meditate as he waited for her to wake. When she woke up, she was furious and attempted to use the force, but she was still weak from the previous battle and unable to free her self. she then proceeded to scream at kastor, useing slander to call him awful names. But kastor was still meditateing and so he ignored her wich even infuriated her even more. When she lost her voice and was unable to scream anymore, Kastor walked over and began to question her.

Kastor Armageddon

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